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A directory of Crafts and Markets (and Meanders) in South Africa, categorised by craft type and location allowing visitors to browse through examples of the amazing variety of crafts and showing where to find them.

In addition visitors can find Craft courses and Crafting material suppliers if they wish to pursue some artistic talent of their own.

Get information on the many fantastic Meander routes in South Africa

Get information on the Craft Markets in South Africa and where to find them

For the Crafter we offer an opportunity to advertise your products on the web 24/7 – let the internet browsing public find your exciting product and then see which markets (or other outlets) you use.

For the Market owner we offer the opportunity to highlight your market’s special features and location at a cost of R500 per annum. No hidden costs. No set up fee. Annual Payments.

Visit our Calendar of arts or craft festivals and exhibitions.